Nakisani Hygiene Services, known as Nakisani, is a 51% Black-owned cleaning and hygiene enterprise established in 2000. The Company boasts an impressive client list that includes motor dealerships, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, casinos and warehouses.


Nakisani offers services that go above and beyond what is commonly associated with this type of business. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Window cleaning: interior and exterior.
  • Purge cleaning
  • Cleaning and product supplies for washrooms.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of buildings as well as warehouses: interior and exterior.
  • Selecove waste management.
  • Car washing and valet service.
  • Carpet cleaning and deep-cleaning.
  • Merchandising and packing of products.
  • Garden maintenance.
  • Deep-cleaning of ablutions
  • Contingency staffing function to hotels and casinos: the supply of housekeepers, butlers, front-of-house staff and food merchandisers.
  • Contingency staffing function to clients in the motor industry: drivers, valet operators and machine operators.
  • Contingency staffing function to other clients including warehousing concerns: the supply of stock takers, merchandisers as well as forklift and Hyster machine operators where applicable.


Nakisani aims to be the foremost Black-owned hygiene and comprehensive services provider, thanks to superior round the clock service, hands-on management and state-of-the-art systems.


Nakisani embraces the values practiced by the Group as a whole:

Growth through Empowerment

The Company set up the Nakisani Staff Trust, which facilitates 26% Black ownership of Nakisani. All previously-disadvantaged employees currently in a supervisory or managerial position will automatically qualify to profit from this ownership, while other qualifying staff members stand to benefit after three years of employment from the Trust's inception. Shareholders enjoy the benefit of zero corporate liability.

What sets us apart from our competitors at Nakisani is our ability to have a management team that is hands on and readily available to meet our client's requirements. Sushie Naidoo, Human Resources Director and 25% shareholder as well as being part of the national executive committee for the NCCA of, explains: We aim to get things done right the first time whilst delivering a quality service to our client. We are also very fortunate to be able to offer meaningfully employment to ‘'people with disabilities''. The cleaning industry is one that naturally lends itself to affording people, with basic entry-level skills, an opportunity to work and gain skills to grow and progress. Nurturing employment opportunities is her passion, particularly in the disability space.

The Nakisani Staff Trust is a way of empowering Black management and acknowledging their dedication, whilst encouraging other previously-disadvantaged staff members to grow within the Company.

Growing People

In that spirit of empowerment, Nakisani has always prided itself in an affording employee the opportunity to grow through in-house training, and recognizing potential in people. Nakisani believes that OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) is vital, selected staff undergo First Aid training and HIV/AIDS awareness programs and Fire Fighting courses. Cleaning staff are sent on a year-long learnerships to enable them to progress in their careers form cleaner to supervisor and into management.

Growing Relationships

The Nakisani Managerial Team is a formidable force. Comprising experts in their relevant fields, team members are likeminded when it comes to client service. They individually undertake to visit clients, and offer them personalized service. Due to the nature of this business environment, Nakisani Management is available 24/7, 365 days a year. They view their commitment as a lifestyle. This type of dedication is evident in the long-term relationships nurtured with the Company's clients.

Growing Greener

In an attempt to significantly reduce the company's carbon footprint Nakisani continuously explores new ways of going greener. This includes minimizing paper wastage and recycling wherever possible and extensively using biodegradable products. The latter the use of waterless car cleaning chemicals which reduces water usage per cleaned vehicle from 250 liters down to a staggering 250ml. As further testimony to Nakisani' s “green” objectives, a Heritage Foundation audit recently resulted in one of the Casinos on Nakisani' s client list being given a Gold Award for being' ‘Green'.


There are numerous advantages to choosing Nakisani Hygiene Services as your complete cleaning and hygiene support and solutions company:

  • A Management Team committed to round-the-clock availability.
  • A hand-picked, superbly-trained workforce.
  • Favorable management to staff ratio.
  • A company that endorses and is at the forefront of Black Economic Empowerment.
  • A value-added staff supply function as and when required.
  • A commitment to using the greenest business solutions available.
  • Machinery that is maintained and repaired by Nakisani, ensuring minimal downtime, if any.
  • Use of the most efficient equipment for each task.

We look forward to meeting with you personally to discuss how Nakisani can meet your requirements and surpass your exceptions.

Optimize your efficiency by banking on ours.